Bruno Bruhwiler

Bruhwiler is one of the IRS’s most recent tax protesters. In 2014, he received a notice regarding the 2011 tax year for which he had not filed a return and carried a balance of $3,840. Instead of sending a check, he took umbrage at the assertion that he owed the federal government and sent a colorful response, which listed 27 reasons to defend his position.

Some of the highlights include contentions that: he “is not a US citizen but in fact is a California National,” the IRS dealt with him as is a “fictional entity,” and “the due process of Bruno Bruhwiler has been violated and dishonored.” Obviously, the IRS did not accept his response.

So when the case went to trail in 2015, Bruhwiler got the chance to put his crazy on full display. During the proceedings, the judge asked him about income that was reported for him during the 2011 to which Bruhwiler responded, “I don’t even know what you mean by ‘income.’ I have my own definition of income.,, It’s a cat with a pink bow.” Right.

The tax court judge ruled in favor of the IRS, and although he could have been penalized up to $25,000 for frivolous proceedings, the judge showed restraint and only added a $3,500 fine to the $3,840 already due.

Josh Norris